Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This week was HOTTTT. It went up to 109

Hi everyone! 
How Are you guys!? This week was freaking HOTTTT.  It went up to 109. It was so hard to bike and concentrate; people were not opening their doors. And it was annoying, but I understood it was really hot. We had 18 lessons in total yay, it was a cool week and we worked hard, another cool thing this week was that we had zone conference. It was amazing!! Zone conference is when all the zones come together (only Spanish) and we hear from our mission president, the talks were amazing. Something that helped me a lot was what our mission president saidHeavenly Father is hastening his work and he helps us in every way. Like it said in D&C 4 “the field is white, already to harvest" and yes we have to memorize it Haha. He has everything prepared for us we just need to go and Convert these people. He also talked about being humble and how it's a Christ like attribute and how we should be humble all the time, how Jesus Christ is always humble. And he also told us that as missionaries we need to be obedient. There are so many missionaries that are not obedient and he told us that it's the first law in the heavens and we should be obedient all the time. And I have seen that a lot, one can be very disobedient very easily. My companion and I are doing great, we have set a goal for his week to contact people and talk about family history because we saw that people are tired of hearing " hey we are missionaries and we want to teach you more about Jesus Christ and how you can come to know him" so we started on Saturday, we went to the Park and started talking to random people about family history and we found a lady who looked interested. And so far it's been working so we will see how this week goes. Well I hope you guys are doing fine. Have a great week. 

Hermana Escalante

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