Saturday, June 27, 2015

No post this week, just a picture.

We have a baptismal date!

Hello friends!!!! Well this week was very long. Since I got my new companion I had to show her our area and it was just tiring. She is very nice and cooI, and I love her. She has been in the mission a year and she is sad she almost goes home, so this week we did service we went to a food place and we helped people get food and it was just really nice. Also this week we found a lot of people and we have a baptismal date. I'm not sure I told yall about her, well she is from Argentina (Cintia) and she is just awesome we taught her the restoration and we invited her to be baptized and she said YES! Haha them she was like wait, does that mean I have to stop smoking??? and I thought in my head nooo she smokes?!! Haha we told her to stop smoking and she said she will try but yeah she does want to quit. She has a rough life but she is very thankful that she found us. Her date is July 5th let's hope everything goes well.  I'm so glad we found her she is just great. Also we had a fiesta on Saturday and it was awesome. It was like a cowboy theme for dia de Los Padres. We danced Haha, also on Sunday we had 2 investigators!!!!! That’s a record!!!! Haha it was great. My new companion and I just want to work hard. :) It was a good week. And this coming one is going to be better. I know this gospel is true I love serving others and I love finding new people. I want to help more and I know that with my new companion we are going to work harder. I love yall have a great week.  :)

-Hermana Escalante :)

Her new companion Sister Luau.

New companion her name is Hermana Luau!

Hello friends!
So this week was crazy!!!! I have a new companion her name is Hermana Luau she is from Samoa. She is great,  and now I'm taking over my area and I'm nervous but I know my heavenly father is going to help me! My companion left to another area "el Molino" so that means I'm done with training!! I'm going to miss my companion (Hermana Bateman she was great). I can't believe I’m in charge now, when I heard that I was getting a new companion I'm like I don’t know this area a whole lot but I have confidence that everything is going to be alright but This week we didn't have as much success or we didn’t find a whole lot of people because school is over so people are going out of town and it's hard to find people. And it's getting really hot here. But we found some people and we worked more with. This week went by pretty fast, and I don't remember what we did hah but we took a district picture and had district meeting and we really focused on helping people keeping commitments. We want them to feel the love of God in their lives so if we don't remind them to read, pray and do those things that is going to help them progress they are never going to have a change of Heart. So we are trying to be better and helping them have this repenting process in their lives. I know that as people start seeing that by keeping these simple things like having faith in Jesus Christ, repenting, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. I'm trying to do this to help also members realize that after baptism is doesn't mean that you’re good; you still have to endure to the end. Well also this week we found a black widow spider, there are lots of black widows here and I'm afraid Ahhh. But I'm good. Lol my plan this week is to work hard and have confidence that I will do well. Hopefully my companion likes to work I have heard bad things about her but I'm going to be strong. I love this gospel We actually had an investigator on Sunday at church and she is from Argentina, she sat next to me and she told me why are those people going up there and saying good things and I explained they are bearing their testimonies, they say things that has helped them grow and good things that come from their heart. She told me I want to share my testimony! Haha I'm like WHAT?' ..... Sure she said but if you come with me?!  I'm like sure I don't mind. So we went up there and she bore her testimony or saying how god has blessed her and she was just great, she cried and was thankful she found us. We will for sure give her a baptismal date this week. Well I hope everyone is great with yall. Keep working hard, missionary work is not easy, with the member’s help the work will grow more. I'm so grateful for serving a mission and looking at people trying to be better. I want to work hard and bring many souls to him.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I love this gospel with all my heart. Pray always friends, prayer is so important, it's a way you can feel Heavenly Fathers love and you can feel him in your life.  I know this because as a missionary we pray alottttt I didn’t t pray as much before the mission but now I pray for everything. I love being able to pray. Keep working hard friends and endure to the end. I love you Rama Liahona.

Los extraño, Cuídense!!

Friends write me!!

No post this week just photos!

Nicaraguan restaurant

I have goals everyday of finding people to teach!

Hello friends!!!!
Well this week was pretty good, we had one investigator who is doing great I'm not sure if I talked about her last week. But her name is CITA lol so we saw her 3 times this week. The first one we went on Wednesday and we talked about restoration and she had so many questions about church because she went to church Last Sunday and we just answered all of them and they were pretty hard. Haha but she invited us to her house on Thursday because her husband was going to be there I really didn't like him he is a member but very negative. We talked about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy, we read 3 Nephi 27:1-21 and we talked about baptism and the true church on earth and her husband knew where we were going with it and he told us that she is not going to get baptized any time soon. My companion and I were so mad because that was our plan and he ruined everything. :( But on Saturday we had a tour of the Church with her and it was great :) she said eventually if we keep insisting she may change religions. Anyway, we had zone conference and it was my first one, our mission president talked to us and some missionaries too and our mission president talked about working hard until your last day on your mission. And I want to work hard and find those souls. Also, I have goals everyday of finding people to teach. :) This week was great we found new people and we are still working on the two that have baptismal dates!!! :) pray for us this week our goal is to work harder. :) I'm almost done with training! Ah transfers are in two weeks my companion may leave :( and since 4 new Hermanas are coming in I may be training ah scary well hopefully everyone is doing great love you guys!!!!! Have a great week and do great things. I love this gospel and I love to learn more from the scriptures. I love my mission and my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ they are always there to help me and my companion at finding people.  Go out with the missionaries!!!! And keep sharing the gospel. :)

Love, Hermana Escalante