Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blisters on my feet!!

It has been a long and tiring week. Well to start with, I’m well but with blisters on my feet, and they hurt because this mission is to walk todooooo day long and riding bicycles because we don’t get to have cars. So I had to walk all week cause I don’t have my bike yet cause I just got here. I also need an IPad because this mission is an iPad mission, so I need to buy an iPad. My first companion is Hermana Bateman, she is gringa and she’s great. She is so patient with me since I’m a newbie, and speaks really good Spanish; she’s from Provo, Utah. I'm in the city of Azusa California. It’s a very hot and small city. The members here are amazing, but the investigators are lazy, they don’t want to take time to listen to us, but really happy because im learning how to teach people. Everyone here needs the gospel. I've eaten a lot of Mexican food, sometimes we go to a restaurant with the Elders here. In my little apartment live four sisters; two are English sisters, and my companion and I. And yeah mom I’ve been cooking for the sisters: rice, and tortillas. And please send me the recipe for the tres leches because I want to make it for the sisters. I can barely write back because we are so busy. Oh and please give food to the missionaries because sometimes we don’t get invited to go eat with the members and it’s hard.
I love you all very much.
Hermana Escalante 

President and Sister Villanueva, Crystel's Mission President.


Goodby MTC!!!!

Well, this week was awesome!!!! My last week in the MTC :( thanks everyone for writing me!! I actually don't have anyone's emails so I'm sorry if I haven't answered you on the Dear elder lol but I'm Happy and  well. I loooove the MTC I just love the people here I have learned so much more about the gospel and I have felt the spirit so much. Oh and I have never cried so much in my life, I love this gospel and I have felt its change in my life. I miss y'all. I leave Tuesday the 17th to CALI!!!!! IM SUPER EXCITED. I had the best teachers Hermano Pliler and Hermano Stewart that I'm going to miss sooo much. AND my companions are awesome. I have two companions. Hermana Rios and Hermana Pina they are great. This week we  had the opportunity to hear from elder Quentin l. cook he talked about feeling the spirit and being better missionaries.it was great. my district which is 12-a ARE THE BEST. we have gotten so close and we all promised each other to write to each other. haha Something funny that we do is that EVERYTIME we say something bad or mean we say ARREPIENTASE! haha meaning repent. lol I love them. I hope everyone is well and keep praying for me!! love y'all.  oh Amy I love you and all this week I have been thinking of you. love you.


Hermana Escalante :) 

Utah, Provo MTC

FA!!!!!! IT MEANS WOW IN ARGENTINA our teacher served in Argentina so all we are speaking here is like Argentine. I'm Alive !!!! haha Well, the MTC is incredible !!!! There are many missionaries from different countries and I love it here. I have 2 companeras and they are awesome! Sister Pina, and Sister Rios one is from Mexico and the other from Miami, Florida but her parents are from Honduras. I'm in a district called 12A, there are five missionaries and three of us. this week was longg-!!! Our schedule was packed with things to do. We got up at 5:30 am to PREPARE. there is 5 in my room, we all speak Spanish. and if I have been speaking Spanish MUCHO!! haha but I love it. I have two teachers Hno. Stewart and brother Plyler. Here the spirit indeed is very strong. I've never cried so much in my life. Elder Bednar said: Forget that this mission is about you, this mission is to bring those to him. This week we memorized what our purpose in the mission. and also the first vision. I only know it in English so I had a difficult time memorizing it in Spanish.

Hermana Escalante

Crystel and Sis. Blythe her YW president met in Utah.