Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blisters on my feet!!

It has been a long and tiring week. Well to start with, I’m well but with blisters on my feet, and they hurt because this mission is to walk todooooo day long and riding bicycles because we don’t get to have cars. So I had to walk all week cause I don’t have my bike yet cause I just got here. I also need an IPad because this mission is an iPad mission, so I need to buy an iPad. My first companion is Hermana Bateman, she is gringa and she’s great. She is so patient with me since I’m a newbie, and speaks really good Spanish; she’s from Provo, Utah. I'm in the city of Azusa California. It’s a very hot and small city. The members here are amazing, but the investigators are lazy, they don’t want to take time to listen to us, but really happy because im learning how to teach people. Everyone here needs the gospel. I've eaten a lot of Mexican food, sometimes we go to a restaurant with the Elders here. In my little apartment live four sisters; two are English sisters, and my companion and I. And yeah mom I’ve been cooking for the sisters: rice, and tortillas. And please send me the recipe for the tres leches because I want to make it for the sisters. I can barely write back because we are so busy. Oh and please give food to the missionaries because sometimes we don’t get invited to go eat with the members and it’s hard.
I love you all very much.
Hermana Escalante 

President and Sister Villanueva, Crystel's Mission President.


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