Monday, April 27, 2015

Share your testimony with Everyone!

Hello amigos!!!!!! Well this week it rained a lot here and literallyt he people here In Cali do need the water haha and it's been cold. One person told us we were crazy because we were biking with skirts and it was raining haha but it's worth it. We contacted 30 PEOPLE it has been a great blessing. I have been praying that Heavenly Father would put people in our way for us to talk to and he did!!! Now it's way easier to stop people on the streets haha sometimes it's hard to say things fast and one of them is the church name in Spanish. "La Iglesia de jesucrito de Los santos de Los ultimos Dias" Gosh it's so hard and
I have to say it fast because some people are in a hurry but we always get their address and number :) this week we also had a baptism, I was asked to give a small talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was awesome. His name is Isauro Gazga and he turned 8 so he decided to get baptized and it was great. My first baptism and it was so cool that I got to teach him about the gospel before his baptism. Also this week almost all of our investigator canceled our lessons. The hardest thing is getting our investigator to go to church. They always cancel but we never give up and we have learned with my companion to be patient and to really work harder to get those people to church. But this week I know it will be better. We also learned this week how to make CHURROS they were so good. But I honestly don't remember the recipe :( sorry haha how's everyone?! I hope you guys are doing great. I'm loving my mission, and I love the people here. It's great to know
that Heavenly Father is always there and if we ask him for things in our prayers, we should, ask with a sincere heart and with real intent and he will help you and answer your prayers. I promise you that because I pray EVERYDAYYY. prayer is so awesome, I literally feel so close to my Heavenly Father every time I pray.  Well, my amigos, Love everyone and go out with the missionaries. And please Share your testimony with Everyone!I have learned that testimonies can change people's lives, every time I'm in a lesson with an investigator I share my testimony. And they love it. I love know this church is true, Without a doubt in my mind. I know Heavenly Father  loves each and everyone of us. I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. READ IT. It will change your life. I pray to understand the scriptures and I love the feeling I get when I read them. Pray and read your scriptures Everyday. Your life will be easier and good things will happen if you come unto Christ. One of my favorite scriptures is in D & C 84:88 and it says "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up". That is his promise and he will always be there with us. Be humble, pray for those in need, love everyone, and come closer to God. I promise you as you keep enduring to the end, he will bless you even more.

Take care amigos.
Love y'all
-Hermana Escalante :)


Sunday, April 26, 2015

My name as "caliente"

Hey everyone!

So this week was pretty interesting. The work is getting harder but we don't ever  give up. So on Monday of couse we had p- day which is my favourite Haha. On Tuesday we basically searched for people and we found this lady well she found us her name was Maria Luis she asked us if we were like preachers and we said no " missionaries" haha she
literally told us hey I live right over there you can come any day and visit me I would like to hear from you. We were like heck yeah,people literally don't come up to us and say that they want to hear us haha. But we gave her our number and she asked if we could pray for her and she asked me to pray because she was sick and she felt better afterwards. She was awesome, we may visit her some day. Haha we had a lesson afterwards with an investigator her name is Adrianna and she is nice, but we extended the invitation to be baptized and she said no because she's already baptize, well she said when she was young to the Catholic Church. Ugh I just get frustrated when people tell me this and I just feel like telling them they are wrong but since I'm a missionary I can't and I have be nice sometimes haha but some people are just so ahhh. Haha well we taught her about the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it. Now I know how to give the Book
of Mormon to someone it's so easy. Haha on Wednesday we got invited by this man he is a member. He is pretty weird but I like when he invited us to eat haha we ate tacos! I always get carne Asada and lengua which is cow tongue it's sooo good. I realized that I have gained weight and lost some haha but at least I'm not really fat so far hopefully I don't get there. Well my clothe still fit so I guess I'm still okay. Haha later on that day this sister invited us to eat pizza from Costco and this girl asks if she could sit with us and were like yeah?! And she started talking how she was a Mormon and that she is from Utah but she left the church and left her family when she turned 18. She basically wanted to do whatever she wanted. But she got to some point that everything with her life was
going wrong and she had so many trials in her life and she said that she came to the point where she hated God but one day she said she decided to pray and to get closer to God because she was at some point ready to commit Suicide and she was broke she had no life, no family,work was horrible she hated herself and she started reading the
scriptures and saying her prayers, and read her Patriarchal blessing and she went to church. But she could not find any church meetings in English they were all either Chinese or Spanish. Haha we told her that the one we go to is English and Spanish and we gave her our number. She told us that we were her answer to her prayers that she needed to go back to church because now she knows that Heavenly Father is there and that he is
here to help her. She has learned from her trials. It was a great experience. On Thursday some person thought my name as "caliente" and I said NO it's "Escalante" haha and he said well you're still caliente haha I'm like thank you weird person. We tried to teach him something but he said he already goes to another church. On Friday we had a church tour with one of our investigators his name is Vicente. Everything went great our goal. The goal was to bring our investigators to church to show them the church but only Hermana Bateman and I brought our investigator. Other ward missionaries didn't.Yeah we did good. On Sunday we had a farewell or we call it "despedida" 20 missionaries left. :( I met a lot of other missionaries. And 3 people that I knew left :(  but I didn't get transferred because I'm still In training. But I met some people from Honduras I literally was so happy cause there way to many Mexicans here haha they were so nice. Well this week was great and I hope everyone is doing great! I love it here and I love this gospel. Email me! :)

Hermana Escalante

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I got my BIKEEE!!!

Family and friends!!!

Thank you so much for emailing me. I literally love yall. This week I had my first exchanges and I went to " El Monte" with Hermana Perez she is awesome. I learned from her so much. And we also went to chick fil a it's been a while and we only have one here. Haha oh and the Hermanas in our pad we all went SHOPPING. It felt great. Haha this week also I got my BIKEEE!!! Haha it's awesome. Butt it's so hard to bike with a skirt.  We had a weeding on Saturday and it was awesome,they played Spanish music and I was just so happy. Haha the  lady gets baptized this coming Sunday. It's awesome. For p-day today we went HIKING with the zone to the mountains. My body hurts!!!!! But I feel good. It was so much fun.  Well I'm typing fast cause I still need to email people. Haha take care yall.
Hermana Escalante 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I have been eating a lot of tacos!!!

Hi friends!
Well this weekend was conference and as a missionary we need to hear from the apostles more. Haha and we need words of wisdom, But conference was great. It helps me keep going with the lords work.  I have been walking a lot because my bike was broken and I didn't really use it was just for a minute and something broke so we asked the elders to help us fix it and they couldn't so we had to take it somewhere else for them to fix it. Hopefully this week I get it back. We have a baptism this Saturday but not our investigator, but she's awesome.  Last week we went to the LA temple and it was huge and beautiful. We did two sessions. But it was awesome.  We have this investigator who has a baptismal date for
April 26th her name is Vilma she is doing great but we haven't talked to her lately because she has family that just came from El Salvador so she has been busy.but hopefully she still wants to hear more.  And sorry I haven't been writing a lot. I have been busy but I don't receive emails from anyone so that's another thing I haven't been writing to y'all haha. My companion leaves in 6 months so I'm pretty upset. But we have to keep going. The people here do need the gospel and there are lots of Hispanics here and just imagine I have been eating a lot of tacos!!! They are Great. I've been telling the elders to find me a scale cause I feel fat but my companion says I'm not. Haha so people here when they first see me, the first thing they ask me is “if I'm from Egypt or if I'm Arabic!! Haha or somewhere from the Middle East hahaha it is so funny when I get those questions I'm just like laughing and my companion  says it's true haha. Azusa is very small and RELLLLYYY hot. Everywhere I go I have my umbrella with me to protect my skin from the sun I tell my companion that I don't want to get darker haha so she laughs every time I use the umbrella for the sun. And yes I am more tanner. But it shows that I'm working hard. Missionary work is hard but not  impossible. My testimony has grown so much. And I love this gospel so much. Happy Late Easter! Write me. I have an iPad so I can see the messages but I can't respond you until Monday. Take care amigos! Go out with the missionaries, members do help a whole lot with the work. I love my God and Jesus Christ and the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church today on earth. I love our prophet Thomas S. Monson. I do sustain him and when they called them at conference I raised my arm really high because he  is our prophet today  and he is called of God.  Love y'all and take care.

Hermana Escalante