Monday, February 22, 2016

I love El Monte!!


This week was a really good week. We had 19 lessons
(hands clapping) for my first week in El Monte!!! We also found 5 new investigators, and we had 2 investigators that we started teaching when I first got here and they came to church, Yay.  Sooo being a sister training leader is not as bad as I thought, wait tomorrow we have exchanges ahhhhh I'm scared but ready. Well the different thing about exchanges now is that both of the sisters come to our area so tomorrow we'll have so many lessons. And hopefully we find more people. I love El Monte, the ward is the best!!!!!!!! Finally a really good ward. We had a baptism in this area already so our goal is two more baptisms, and we actually found a family of 4: Filberta (mom), Juan (son), Fabian (son), Vanessa (daughter) they're the best and we invited them to get baptized and they all said yes. The problem is the husband he is Catholic but doesn't really practice it so we'll see what happens. I'm so excited to be in this area, there are sooooo many Latinos here. I love it. Something I've been trying to do different is to be more positive, and my comp is good at that. I love her. We get along Sooo well, and we've been working so hard this week. I Love it! So everyone thinks I'm from the Middle East here, it's so funny to me and I'm writing down every country they guess I'm from, Haha one person said India and another Pakistan, Egypt It's so funny and they think my comp is from Argentina. Haha well this week I've been thinking how faith is so important in everything we do. This week my key got stuck to my bike lock and we literally had to bike to a lesson and it wasn't working!!! It was stuck and we tried to move the key around for the key to come out but it wasn't coming out and it was so annoying and it was raining😩  ugh I was getting frustrated and finally I told my comp I want to say a prayer for God to help us and I said it, as soon as I said please let us have faith that this key will come out of the lock to continue with the work. As soon as I said amen my comp turned the key and it UNLOCKED, holy cow we were soooo happy and I said " thank you soooo much Heavenly Father". We need to always have faith, we can increase our faith by doing the small and simple things. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Have a great week everyone. Work hard

Con Amor,

Hermana Escalante

I've been out for 11 months now!

Hello everyone!!!!! I've been out for 11 months now 😱😱. This week went by really fast, and now I feel like my mission is going by soooo fast.  But I love being a missionary, one of the things I learned from zone meeting this week is in order to see changes in our areas we need to start repenting everyday and be more obedient. Our goal as a mission is to baptize monthly and it's so hard but if we have that goal and trust in the lord he for sure will help us. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Work hard y'all. A talk I literally recommend everyone to read is by D. Todd Cristofferson it's called: "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten" good talk.
Have a great week everyone!!!
Hermana Escalante

Los Angeles, CA