Tuesday, April 19, 2016

LA Temple Again!!!

LA Temple: this week we went to the temple, we had MLC at the visitor’s center with our mission president and his wife. It was awesome! Oh and we drove by Beverly Hills, you know I probably showed up in one of the episodes of the housewives of Beverly Hills Jk. While we were driving it was 3 Latinas and my comp and 3 gringos, and someone said "one day I'll live here” and I jokingly said” algun dia me gustaría LIMPIAR aquí” = “one day I'll clean here" lol. But overall the temple was amazing!  We have been working so hard with my comp and it's like getting really hard to find new peeps. But we actually have 2 people that are awesome. 1. Erica: we knocked on her door and she told us that she's been looking for a church where she can feel the spirit, so we saw her this week and taught her the restoration and she liked it, and we invited her to get baptized and she said maybe, if she learns more. But she said her husband is okay with her learning because he is Catholic but doesn't go to church so he said if she likes it he will try to learn too. So yay! 2. Carlos he has been taught before and wants to keep learning, he’s kind of mad with God because a lot of special people have died in his life and he feels like God is punishing him. He is awesome though we invited him to get baptized and he said yes!!!! So let's see what happens. Have a great week everyone. 

Hermana Escalante


This week we did a lot of service, but it was worth it!

Hello Everyone!

This week we did a lot of service, but it was worth it! 1. This Hermana from our ward needed help cleaning her home, so we went and helped her clean but ended up cleaning her bathroom that
had a lot of junk and it was fun. She's the sweetest and fed us "caldo de Pollo" cause it was raining, it's a Latino thing. #2 we went to moose lodge and we pretty much are waitresses there, its fun!! We go every Friday and volunteer, they pretty much love us. It's fun to serve food to them and just talk about what we do as missionaries, and they give us “free food". It's so good. My comp really likes to eat there Lol. #3 MORMON HELPING HANDS!!! We went around members homes to pick up donations for the D.I and it was fun, it was a rainy day but so worth it. We had so much fun together and we ate "tortas" afterwards. This week we were pretty much very busy but we are also trying to find new people. It was raining and it was Freaking HOT, so a lot of people didn't want to talk to us. Lame!!  We are still finding new people and we actually found this lady while knocking doors who said she's looking for a church where she could feel the spirit, and we told her that she should try ours, she said yes. So we will see what happens, her name is Erika and she has a family so vamos a ver qué pasa con ellos. Well tomorrow we're going to the TEMPLE!!!!!!! I've never been more excited........ You have no idea how much I love the temple. Have a great week, take care.

Hermana Escalante


Sunday, April 10, 2016

We had 21 lessons this week!!


This week was de locos, Pero todo bien.
General Conference was amazing, we had 3 investigators who came! Whoohoo. The talks from the apostles and our beloved prophet just helped me see that heavenly father still wants us to improve and hears and answers our prayers. I'm not going to talk about all the ones I liked because that's going to take the whole day, but all I want to say is that I felt the spirit so strong, and I can't wait to read them again. We had 21 lessons this week, and it's been hard finding new people but my companion and I have set the goal to find more and I know we will, but oh gosh we have the best investigators so far. We have 2 people on PAROLE, but we asked our leaders and they said that they can get baptized!!! But they just need to get interviewed by someone who has higher authority.  So we are so excited for that, we love them. Well I will be short this week but I'm so grateful to be serving my Heavenly Father, one of my goals this week is to understand more of the gospel and really apply the things I learned in conference. Funny story this week, I'm being so lazy at writing right now so I just asked my comp to send me her side of the story of what happened to us last night here it goes: So last night we were looking for a potential but saw a guy on the street so we contacted him and he wasn't interested but as we said goodbye he said, "but hey if you ever twist your ankle or anything like that, let me know, because I know all about that stuff" and so hermana escalante said, actually I twisted my ankle two weeks ago exercising so he said, come in come in, and so we went into his house (don't worry, we made sure a woman was there) and he had hermana escalante lay on this bed and he put some cream on her ankle and started massaging it and then just cracking it and popping it into place! Hahaha then he pretty much cracked her whole body! Then he asked me if I needed anything and so I said, "Well my back has been hurting a little bit" and so he had me lay on the bed and literally cracked my whole body and then started swinging my arms around in circles and totally popped my left arm into the socket and it felt so weird! (Ok keep in mind this is an old Mexican man with a beer belly and a farmers tan wearing a California bro tank tucked in) so yeah that was our little experience at the "chiropractor." I'm sorry, if you are appalled by this story, but this is just a typical day in good old El Monte!

Goodbye everyone!! 


Hermana Crystel Escalante