Tuesday, April 19, 2016

LA Temple Again!!!

LA Temple: this week we went to the temple, we had MLC at the visitor’s center with our mission president and his wife. It was awesome! Oh and we drove by Beverly Hills, you know I probably showed up in one of the episodes of the housewives of Beverly Hills Jk. While we were driving it was 3 Latinas and my comp and 3 gringos, and someone said "one day I'll live here” and I jokingly said” algun dia me gustaría LIMPIAR aquí” = “one day I'll clean here" lol. But overall the temple was amazing!  We have been working so hard with my comp and it's like getting really hard to find new peeps. But we actually have 2 people that are awesome. 1. Erica: we knocked on her door and she told us that she's been looking for a church where she can feel the spirit, so we saw her this week and taught her the restoration and she liked it, and we invited her to get baptized and she said maybe, if she learns more. But she said her husband is okay with her learning because he is Catholic but doesn't go to church so he said if she likes it he will try to learn too. So yay! 2. Carlos he has been taught before and wants to keep learning, he’s kind of mad with God because a lot of special people have died in his life and he feels like God is punishing him. He is awesome though we invited him to get baptized and he said yes!!!! So let's see what happens. Have a great week everyone. 

Hermana Escalante


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