Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I got my BIKEEE!!!

Family and friends!!!

Thank you so much for emailing me. I literally love yall. This week I had my first exchanges and I went to " El Monte" with Hermana Perez she is awesome. I learned from her so much. And we also went to chick fil a it's been a while and we only have one here. Haha oh and the Hermanas in our pad we all went SHOPPING. It felt great. Haha this week also I got my BIKEEE!!! Haha it's awesome. Butt it's so hard to bike with a skirt.  We had a weeding on Saturday and it was awesome,they played Spanish music and I was just so happy. Haha the  lady gets baptized this coming Sunday. It's awesome. For p-day today we went HIKING with the zone to the mountains. My body hurts!!!!! But I feel good. It was so much fun.  Well I'm typing fast cause I still need to email people. Haha take care yall.
Hermana Escalante 

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