Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Goodby MTC!!!!

Well, this week was awesome!!!! My last week in the MTC :( thanks everyone for writing me!! I actually don't have anyone's emails so I'm sorry if I haven't answered you on the Dear elder lol but I'm Happy and  well. I loooove the MTC I just love the people here I have learned so much more about the gospel and I have felt the spirit so much. Oh and I have never cried so much in my life, I love this gospel and I have felt its change in my life. I miss y'all. I leave Tuesday the 17th to CALI!!!!! IM SUPER EXCITED. I had the best teachers Hermano Pliler and Hermano Stewart that I'm going to miss sooo much. AND my companions are awesome. I have two companions. Hermana Rios and Hermana Pina they are great. This week we  had the opportunity to hear from elder Quentin l. cook he talked about feeling the spirit and being better missionaries.it was great. my district which is 12-a ARE THE BEST. we have gotten so close and we all promised each other to write to each other. haha Something funny that we do is that EVERYTIME we say something bad or mean we say ARREPIENTASE! haha meaning repent. lol I love them. I hope everyone is well and keep praying for me!! love y'all.  oh Amy I love you and all this week I have been thinking of you. love you.


Hermana Escalante :) 

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