Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Missionary work is the hardest thing.

This week was hard and good I feel like sometimes I’m putting my best effort but I see no effect on the things I do with my companion. Sometimes I just feel like I'm doing the best I can but not enough. And I get pretty sad: (Missionary work is the hardest thing. My companion  and I have worked so hard but people don't want to keep commitments and don't want to progressBut something that helped me so much this week was exchanges, my companion went to another area and I stayed with one of my leaders (sister training leaders) and she told me that sometimes people are going to be ready but we just need to be patient and trust in the lord. We walked a lot and talked to so many people and then I figures that’s what I needed, I learned new techniques to how to talk to people and it helped me a lot. We literally found 10 people and taught like 3 of them and it was just great, I felt good and something new we want to work on this week is finding new ways to contact people and help them progress, and that will help us have a baptism soon. Well I hope everyone is doing great and sorry I haven't taken any pictures, soon I will though.
Take care. ADIOS.

Hermana Escalante

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