Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Hello everyone...

I HAVE AN ENGLISH NAME TAG, it’s real now.
Vanessa is a new investigator she is disabled, and lives in an assisted living facility and she was referred to us from hercousin who lives in Washington. He actually called the bishop in our ward for someone to give her a blessing. The Filipino elders gave her a blessing and then they told us about her and we went by last week to get to know her and she is really quiet it's hard to get her to talk but she has a Christian background and she is from Washington too. We asked her, sooo do you like California!?? Haha she said “not really". But she has her daughter close to her, she's stuck here. We told her who we were and that her Cousin wanted us to visit her and we actually sang a song, and she liked it. :) On Saturday we saw her again and our plan was to teach her the restoration and we brought a member with us, so we literally didn't prepare for her at all with role play because we had to leave early to be there early so as we go in, we kind of introduce ourselves more and we start doing the " 10 points" which is a way to introduce our message with her and making sure she understands our purpose there. So we taught her the restoration, and oh man the SPIRIT was there andactually it was my first time to really teach the whole restoration in English and I did a great job( well my comps told me I did) haha. But man I just felt great and it was just an awesome lesson. I just could feel that love for Vanessa and really to let her know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants her to be happy and how he did through the restoration. So Vanessa told us that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and some other type of cancer, but she said what keeps her here is having that " faith and hope" I just love that because this week I was reading a talk from elder Utchdorf about " a summer with great aunt rose" and he talks about ways we can be happy and he says 3 things " faith, hope, and love, those things will bring happiness to our lives. I know that as we apply these 3 simple attributes of JesusChrist we will come to understand more of his love in our lives and follow his footsteps. Heavenly Father has something great in store for us, but we just need to do the right things for those blessings to happen. I know he loves us and he wants us to be happy, I have come to understand those three simple attributes as I have faith, hope and charity for those I teach. I invite you all to read and ponder the scriptures. Heavenly Father blesses them to help us in our tough times and we can find ways to have faith, hope and charity there. I love them. But Well I hope everyone has a great week. Take care y'all. 

Sister Escalante

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