Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This week has been crazy but rewarding.

Hello everyone!!!!!
This week has been crazy but rewarding. We have 3 new investigators, one of them is Fabian he is blind and he is pretty cool. This week we are trying to teach him the Book of Mormon but it's pretty hard to teach him because he doesn't read becausehe can't see lol. But my companion and I decided to get him Book of Mormon CDs. Hopefully everything goes well this week with him. :) Our other investigator is Esther she is awesome. This week she was pretty sick so we actually couldn't see her but we are thinking of inviting her to get baptized :) And our new investigator is Oswaldo and he is great, his story is that we found him outside of our other investigators house and he started talking to us and asking questions and he said he was actually taught a little bit by other missionaries, we stated teaching him a little and one of his friends comes over to pick him up, and Oswaldo starts getting nervous and tells us that he would like to hear more but he just doesn't want his friends to know he is been taught by missionaries, but we did get his number. One night he decides to call us at 3 am and I thought it was the alarm but nope it was Oswaldo, but OF COURSE I didn't answer because it's against the rules answering too early in the morning haha but I called back around 9 he said he wanted us to pray for him and to go see him and I'm thinking "no" but then we wanted to see how he was doing and he told us to meet him at his hotel. So we made an appointment with him for the coming Sunday and we went to the hotel with two other members. We knocked on the door he wasn't wearing a shirt so I'm a little worried. But we went in, and got to know him a little. He is in his 30s and he has 4 little girls and he told us he has never been a good person he always lived in the streets and he doesn’t want his daughters to see the person that he is, and that is why he wants a change, to come closer to God. He told us that he wants to be a better example for his daughters. He looked nervous, but he opened up to us! We told him that God loves him and he put us there for a reason and that we want to help him. He was very open to change for sure. And we could feel the spirit there so strong and I just saw the love Heavenly Father has for him. We told him that contacting us is a step to change his life and he liked that. We had to go because it was pretty late but we invited him to say the closing prayer and he did it! :) In his prayer he was so thankful that we were there and he said "God I know you want me to change for my daughters, but I'm taking baby steps". My companion and I were dancing when we got out because this is what we needed this week and we are pretty sure he is going to get baptized this month. Pray he gets baptized please. Haha well have a great week!

Hermana Escalante

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