Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Goodbye SAN GABRIEL Hello GLENDALE. So on Tuesday I got a call from the mission president’s assistant notifying me that I'm getting ETD (Emergency transfer) to ENGLISH in Glendale. The sisters needed my help in Glendale and president received inspiration that Hermana Escalante should now be an English missionary. I can tell you, it's hard!!! I'm so used to teaching in Spanish that somehow I have a hard time teaching in English, but my companions are very nice and I'm trying my best and they help me a lot haha. So in San Gabriel I was only there for a week!!! And now I'm in Glendale for the rest of the transfer.  It's beautiful; from our house you can see the whole city!! And Michael Jackson was buried here!!!! Haha it's pretty cool, it’s hard to walk though, we can't bike because there are too many hills, and it's hard but it's great. so last week I was in China, now I'm in ARMENIA!!! Holy cow there are so many Armenians here it's crazyyy. Some of them are very rude, so now our area here got permission to knock on doors, and I actually like it but not when they are Armenians, they close the doors on your face and when we try to give them a pass along card they reject you and say “NO" immediately. But some are nice. After endless knocking with no success we finally found this family who invited us inside their home, they are orthodox and they told us they weren't interested but they would attend church haha it was awesome. You would be surprised how many people reject you and how many just don't care of what you have to say, but I've learned so much. I love this area and Heavenly Father put me here for a reason and I don't know yet why but I'll find out somehow. This transfer has taught me how to be humble and love others no matter what. I've been reading the scriptures so much and I just love the scriptures they just bring you peace and you learn a lot when you have the spirit with you, I'm so grateful for the scriptures in my life. I hope everyone is doing great I love y'all. Have a great week. :)

Hermana Escalante

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