Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mission conference with Elder Echo hawk

Hello Everyone!!!!!!

This week was great, we had a FIESTA!!!! The English and Spanish ward came together and we had a party, we each had to bring like a especial dish from their countries so I made something from Honduras, l couldn't make a lot because I don't know how to make big stuff from Honduras but I made something basic that I like to eat, it's called Tajadas or fried plantains with sour cream so good, I had a lot of fun. We have two investigators with an invitation for baptism. :) But my favorite part of the week was when we attended our mission conference with elder Echo hawk of the quorum of the 70. The spirit that we felt was so strong. Basically, he talked about how we need to be obedient and having faith in the lord Jesus Christ to be able to have success and miracles in our mission. It never hit me until that point that obedience is a key to success. It's the first law of heaven, not only in our mission, they teach us how obedience is important but even after our mission, we need to continue to follow gods commandments in order to be happy. Also this week I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!!! Yay.  I love the scriptures, you can feel the spirit so much and I just love testifying to people that it's true. I love this gospel and I'm now reading the New Testament, and I love it. I know the scriptures are here to help us today and to guide us. If we don't read them we won't know the plan Heavenly Father has for us. I hope everyone is doing great. Have a great week. Go out and teach with the missionaries!!!!! :)  

Hermana Escalante

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