Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Miracles from knocking on doors.

Happy late HalloweenWe had to stay in our Apartment for Halloween, because our area gets pretty crazy, but we took a good long nap yay. This whole change of time has been awesome, now I don't wake up as tired. This week: Miracles from KNOCKING DOORS=> since our area is hard to contact people in the streets, we just knock on doors and let me tell y’allso far it's been awesome! We stated doing something different, Instead of sounding like a Jehovah witness we just offer service and also an uplifting message and we didn't see any miracles from that. No one was interested, soooo we decided to change some things, we knocked on this persons door and it was my turn to speak and I just said " hello" we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter, we have a wonderful message about Jesus Christ and we would love to share it with you, the lady says "sure come in". And I look at my companions and they look at me, we were like WHAAATTT!??? Haha, her name is Anne and she's Catholic. Later that day we knocked on some else’s door and she was Hispanic, and I was able to have a conversation in Spanish with her, we shared a video with her and she wants to know more!!!! So it's been awesome knocking doors, but we still have those who still aren't interested, but we have to keep trying until we find a solid one :) one of the things I learned this week is how to love your companions no matter what. This week we worked at communicating more and teaching with the spirit. It went well. :) Have a great week.

Hermana Escalante

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