Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oh my goodness so many things happened this week!

Hello everyone!

Oh my goodness so many things happened this week. On Tuesday we had exchanges with sister Hobbs and Olsen and they were the cutest. Sister Hobbs is from New Zealand and she has the cutest accent. It was fun doing exchanges with them we found 5 new investigators.
On Wednesday: we had MLC and they broke our legs, so our mission president gave us new rules and we were very surprised and not too happy. The next day we would have to present the new rules to the whole mission in zone meeting. But it was my first MLC and it was amazing!!! Sister Villanueva told us that in order to help the sisters we need to help ourselves first, and that’s something I want to do better in order to help our sisters. On Thursday we had zone meeting, we had to teach in 3 zone meetings and tell them the new rules, and first two took it well we talked about obedience and faith and how we need to be obedient and follow the mission rules. The third meeting our mission president showed up and we taught again, but by the time we said the new rules everyone got really upset and started asking a lot of questions to our president and he got a little mad and was very bold and stated that they need to remember why they are here. Idk but a lot of changes are starting to happen in our mission, we are doing so good that we need to change in order to see miracles. On Friday: we had exchanges with Sister Shaw and Argueta (my old comp) and it was really good. We went to their area and helped them find people, but it was kind of hard to find because it started to RAIN. It was hard to work because we were soaking wet, but I'm happy that I got to spend some time with my old comp she's the best and a really good missionary. On Saturday: Elder Hamula came and we had another MLC!!!!! He talked to us the leaders and he pretty much broke our Legs too, he told us how we need to be converted to the gospel and stop being prideful and to change and repent. He's awesome!! Sunday: CHURCH, our investigator came (Ricardo) he is progressing and has a baptism date for April 3rd he is so excited! Sister Murdock and I found him. We had 20 lessons! It was a really busy week and I'm soooooo tired, my body hurts but I'm so happy to feel this way because I want to work hard. Something I read this week that my father asked me to read was the talk "bearing our burdens with ease" it says how we need to have loads in our life in order to be happy" I love that, because the lord gives me trials but I always learn from them because I know he already went through them, and in him I can find strength. Have a great week everyone!!!!


The dog wanted to meet her.

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