Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter 2016!

Hello Everyone!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! Well this week may have been short, but first let me tell ya about our little experience this week with prayer. So as we were biking home we see this man shouting at someone In his car and it happened to be his daughter who was like 2 years old and somehow he had forgotten his key inside and when he was about to get the baby out, the car was locked, and all of the doors along with the baby girl inside. So here we are trying to help this man trying to figure out how to open the doors and he was so worried, and his wife comes and is yelling at him and asking him how everything happened and she was telling the baby girl to pull the door handle from inside and the baby of course didn't know what they were saying so I told the lady have faith, God will help. My comp and I decided to say a prayer and we told them we would say a prayer and they were like " yeah, sure" and as soon as we said amen the baby touched some button that unlocked all of the doors. We were all shocked and happy and the mother stated “all we needed was faith" and they just THANKED us  and they were crying of joy and we hugged the lady and told her that the lord hears and answers our prayers when we have faith, It really works y'all haha. What a great experience! Now with our investigators: Ricardo #1 (the old man) we were teaching about Tithing and he tells us that he doesn't agree with it and that he doesn't have enough money to pay😒 so he may not get baptized this Saturday "Nooooo". But hopefully everything works out this week and he does. Pray he changes his mind about tithing and pays it, that way he can get baptized!!!! Ricardo #2 He’s amazing. So we gave him a date and he told us he is on parole :( so it may take a while until he gets baptized like in May or so but he is so prepared and he just wants to change and be better. He came to church and he likes it and he just said that he wants to surround himself with positive people and good people that will help him be happy, because that's all he wants, just to be happy yay he’s the best! My comp and I just love him and want to help him. We are finding more people and we want to improve in finding more who are wanting to take that step of baptism. And I know Heavenly Father is blessing us little by little. Well this Saturday is transfer calls, so we'll see who leaves or stays. I hope my comp and I stay because I have so much to learn from her. She's da best. She always shows me how to be charitable and that's a Christ like attribute I want to improve on. Okay, take care y'all and have a great week. 🌿Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures every day!!!

Mucho Amor,

Hermana Crystel Escalante

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