Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hello everyone!!!

This week was awesome, first of all ISAAC GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of things happened this week, we've been so busy with exchanges, lessons, meetings etc… Life as a sister training leader can be hard but I'm so happy to be working in this area, and with the sisters. We are working so hard and we have someone on a date and progressing. But a lot of cool things happened this week first one on Tuesday we received a call that we needed to exchange our car, so as we park at the mission office we see this beautiful silver 2016 Corolla and our faces light up
😳 so as we go in, they tell us how would you like to exchange your car to a 2016 Corolla!? Um, YES PLEASE. We got a brand new car with only 22 miles on it, we were so excited. We rolled the windows down, singing as loud as we could "I'm a child of God" haha showing off our brand new car. Lol fun times! Wednesday my old comp (Her. Ferguson) calls me saying that I can go to Isaacs’s baptism, that our mission president gave me permission to go. Isaac was a referral from the arroyo area sisters, Hermana Ferguson and I taught him until I left and Isaac was so ready for baptism, and the date was for March 4th but I left the area and I was so sad but Hermana Ferguson told me that Isaac went up to our mission president during stake conference and told him that he wanted me to go to the baptism on Friday. So president Villanueva gave me special permission and I went on Friday to Glendale to his baptism and I got to see him and I also got to give a talk about the Holy Ghost and it was a very spiritual  moment, Isaac was so happy to see me and I was so happy he finally got baptized. This is baptism #2 for me. I'm so happy that heavenly father blessed me with a baptism. Another funny thing that happened Friday was that I made my year mark!!!!!!! It was very cool to have hit my year mark and have my investigator get baptized on that same day.  Best gift ever!! I have 6 MONTHS LEFT, that's scary. I'm so thankful for this gospel and how much the lord is blessing me every day. My faith is growing little by little and the love I have for my savior. Also, we got to go on exchanges with the Arcadia sisters (Dunn, and Barney) I was with sister Barney and she's such a great missionary, I learned how to always have charity, and just love everyone no matter what. My goal this week is to study more of "humility" I feel like little by little I've become more humble and it's pretty much a Christ like attribute I want to achieve. Also on Saturday all of the missionaries in our mission got together because "Gladys knight" is coming to our mission and they said it's probably going to be one of the best firesides presentations ever. Gladys knight is the one who leads the choir and she will bear her testimony of why she become a Mormon, even though she grew up Baptist. We are so excited for that and to be able to take our investigators. It was so good seeing all of the other missionaries that I know, we hardly ever get together as a mission so Saturday was a good day. This week is going to be soo busy we have MLC twice and zone meeting and exchanges. I hope everyone has a great week, GO VISIT PEOPLE WITH THE MISSIONARIES.

🌬Hermana Crystel Escalante


Isaac got baptized.

They got a new car.

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