Monday, July 27, 2015

New companion her name is Hermana Scott

Hello everyone,

This week was crazy! I have a new companion her name is Hermana Scott, she's from Missouri and she is a Gringa ha-ha but she's awesome I love her. I'm training her and it's been great so far, As I wrote last week I have 2 areas that I'm taking over now and it's been overwhelming but so far it’s great. This week we had a bunch of new people and I want to work hard and I have been doing that. Now that I have a newbie (a baby) it makes me want work even harder because I want her to learn good things and work hard. She's great, she told me that she really wants to learn Spanish and I'm like uhhh yeah girl, I got you. Ha-ha so far she's doing good with Spanish and I have been teaching her a lot, we speak Spanish all day and it's weird to me but I'm used to it now ha-ha. How's everyone?! I'm doing well now we are 4 missionaries in our ward, we have fewer missionaries now but it's all good. Well, have a great week and oh gosh it's almost my birthday, I'm excited. Take care y'all.
Hermana Escalante

Sister Luau
Sister Escalante's First Baptism.

Sister Escalante's new companion
Hermana Scott

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