Monday, January 18, 2016

Sick with a cold!!

So this week I got really sick with a cold my voice changed and now I sound like a MAN. It was hard to work as much but we had to anyway (more blessings right!?). The elders gave me a blessing and hours later I felt kind of better and I told my comp. "man those pills work" she was like " you mean the blessing!?" I was like "yeah that too"  haha it did work though. Anyway, we saw some small miracles this week: our investigator Glenda has a BOYFRIEND, great!! She never told us about him, so now they are living together so that's going to be hard for her to get baptized. We love her so much but she said that they'll get married soon. Hopefully. Also, Yoselin our other investigator is progressing a lot, she told us that she has been reading her scriptures and praying that little by little she's understanding and feeling the SPIRIT, yay. At first she couldn't feel like she was getting an answer, but she happily told us that she is understanding those feelings of the spirit. We love her so much and it's hard now to see her because she's back at school but we’re going to leave her some homework to do during the week that way she doesn't escape from us. :) Well not a ton happened this week so hopefully this new week is better. Have a great one everyone.

Hermana Escalante (Escy)

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