Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello everyone, 😁

the lord is blessing us with a baptism on
February 7th, his name is Manuel Chavez and he is Sooo ready for baptism. We are so excited, he has been taught in the past but literally couldn't get
baptized in the past 2 times because something terrible would always happen. The last two times when he was taught by old missionaries, his 2 brothers died and he got really discouraged and didn't get baptized and the missionaries dropped him for like 8 months. Nobody contacted him UNTILLLL we found him on December and he told us to come back January, he stated that he loves Mormons Sooo much, said good things about us and he just wants to scream and tell everyone  on the street " HE IS MORMON" after he gets baptized Haha I love him. He is the best and is ready to get baptized. We told him he needs to come 3 times again to church and he was like " I'll do it" and he literally did it, he came yesterday to church and my comp and I were so happy to see him there and he said I will never miss church. Our leaders have been telling us that "We Teach repentance and baptize converts" meaning that we don't baptize just to baptize, we teach repentance so that the person may really convert to the gospel, there are a lot of missionaries that baptized a lot but their investigators don't stay in church and our leaders don’t want us to do that. They want the investigators to understand the atonement and really have that change of heart. I want to work on that. I know as I keep being obedient the lord will bless me with more baptisms and is already doing it. We have to be obedient In order to see the blessings. :) we are working as hard as possible. I love being a missionary especially when you see people change. I know God lives, I know that Jesus is the Christ, our savior and redeemer. I know that only through repentance we can feel Gods love more and we can be cleansed.  I read a talk this week it was by President Russell M. Nelson, it's Sooo good it's called " becoming true millennials" I recommend y'all to read it. Well good luck this week and work hard folks. More blessings are In Store for us from our Heavenly Father if we are obedient.

Love, Hermana Escalante

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