Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Happy late Mother's Day everyone! I got to talk to my Familia and it was awesome I really needed to talk to them! Lol so this week was so cold here in Azusa and it was raining! We found a lot of new people and we have 3 progressing investigators. We found this lady named "Soledad" which in English her name means "loneliness" but she is really not lonely. We taught her the restoration, and then her friend came over and we taught her, so we kinda had 2 lessons at the same time. They both said that they want to come to church. :)
this week we also did a lot of finding and we contacted a lot of people. Everyday is a new adventure. :) I learn more and more. My scripture reading is getting so much better. I always read talks from Liahona or from general conference they Help me  a lot and reading the scriptures too.We found this young lady (Guadalupe) who is now 25 who
got baptized when she was 15 but stopped going because her grandma and mom had died so she didn't go back. We found her and we started talking to her. She opened up to us and told us everything about her life, EVERYTHING :/ but she was very nice and told us that before she didn't believe in God, because he took away her mom who had cancer and
 her grandma.  but she started going to the Catholic Church and she started getting closer to him. And her boyfriend has helped her a lot, because he treats her nice and he wants the best for her. We showed her the video " because of him" and she loved it. She was so happy that we went to her house and she said she felt better. It was a great experience and now she wants to be an  example to her sister who is not doing the right things. Our goal with her is for her to come to church and to feel his love in her life more. :) this week as we went to eat tacos with my companion for dinner I ordered like 5 tacos and I
saw this old man who was poor, he was dirty and didn't smell pretty good but he only had 2 dollars to pay for 1 taco! I literally felt the spirit telling me to go and buy him 2 tacos and I did! My companion saw me doing it, and she was very happy. I felt so much better
afterwards. I knew that I did what Jesus Christ would've done. We should be more like him, in preach my gospel it says how we can apply Christlike attributes and I have been doing that more. I want to be more like Jesus Christ. And I am representing him Because  I have his name close to me from that I know that he is very happy with me for everything I'm doing. :) I invite all of you to be more like Christ. You will see that as you do Christlike attributes you will receive more blessings. :) Our goal for this week is to talk to more people and to at least have 10 contacts a day :) I know that we can do it. I love being a missionary, it's hard at times but the lord is always there with us. The scriptures and praying everyday always helps me know that heavenly is always there. I know that reading the scriptures everyday can help you get closer to God and feel his love for you. This church is true. People every time they see us tell us that they admire us for helping others come unto Christ. They never close the doors to us because they say that we are good people who go around and teach the word of God. Always share your testimony!  Well peeps have a great week. And share the gospel with everyone!!!!! :)

Love yall!
-Hermana Escalante

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